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Getting treatment for erectile dysfunction can leave you vulnerable. When choosing an ED pill delivery service, you want a company that is transparent, medically sound, discreet, reliable, and affordable. Some companies, like Lemonaid, provide you with a lot of medical information so that you can feel confident entrusting them with your medical treatment. Others, like GoodRX, focus on affordability.

Hims combines several of these factors. The company provides information on sexual satisfaction and health, covering serious topics like herpes and STI prevention, and more fun topics like using lube and toys. Additionally, Hims offers competitively priced ED pills, as well as the option of a fast-acting ED pill, ideal for last-minute or surprise situations. That, combined with up-front customer service, makes Hims our pick for the best ED pill delivery service.

Compare the Best ED Pill Delivery Services

Company Starting price Estimated delivery time Availablity Video consultation required?

Best overall
$4 per serving 5 to 7 days Most states State dependent

Best on a budget
$1 per dose with subscription Unlisted ; same day pickup optional Most states State dependent

Ideal for young people
$20 per month plus $5 shipping 2 days; night available for a fee All states except North Dakota and South Carolina State dependent

The most practical
$2 per dose 2 days; night available for a fee All states except North Dakota and South Carolina State dependent

Ideal for beginners
$10 per dose 2 to 4 days Most states State dependent
Lemonaid Best customer service $2 per dose, $25 annual consultation fee 2 to 3 business days All States State dependent

How to Choose the Best ED Pills Delivery Service

Choosing an ED pill delivery service can be complicated. Here’s what you should consider:

  • Availablity: To be legal, an online ED pill delivery service must work with a licensed medical provider in your state.
  • Medicines offered: Most ED pill delivery services offer generic Viagra and Cialis. Some offer brand names of these drugs. Hims also offers Stendra, which works in just 15 minutes.
  • Cost: Consider not only the cost per pill, but also the consultation and shipping costs.
  • Shipping time: Most ED pill delivery services will deliver them to you within a week. Some, like BlueChew and Roman, offer next day shipping for an additional fee.
  • Medical help: Many online ED pill delivery companies offer ongoing medical support to answer your questions.

Buying erectile dysfunction pills online vs buying in store

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, you’ll need a prescription for erectile dysfunction pills because there are no over-the-counter erectile dysfunction medications. Many people prefer the experience of buying ED pills online for the comfort, privacy, convenience, and savings it offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do ED pill delivery services work?

To use an ED pill delivery service, you must first register and provide government identification such as a license and a credit card. You will then complete a survey about your health and your current sexual health. From there, a service provider will contact you. Depending on your condition and the service you choose, you may need to speak with a doctor by phone or video chat. The doctor will suggest the right medicine for you and the pills will be delivered to you monthly or quarterly until you cancel.

Who Should Use ED Pill Delivery Services?

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction but are otherwise healthy enough to have sex, you can use ED pill delivery services to try drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Many people find these services less inconvenient than talking to their doctor about erectile dysfunction pills.

How Much Do ED Pills Delivery Services Cost?

Many ED pill delivery services use low cost generics of ED drugs Viagra and Cialis. A dose of these drugs costs between $1 and $20 per pill, depending on the active ingredient, the dose, and the number of pills ordered. Some ED pill delivery services offer brand name Viagra and Cialis, which are much more expensive, costing $70 per pill or more. Also, check to see if the ED pill delivery service you are considering charges a membership fee, consultation fee, or shipping fee. In some cases, it might be less expensive to see a healthcare provider in person or via telemedicine.


To compile this list of the best ED pill delivery services, we reviewed eight ED pill delivery companies, looking at their websites and consumer reviews. We have prioritized companies that are upfront about programs and costs, widely available, and provide reliable medical information about erectile dysfunction and its treatment.


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