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It seems ridiculous that many people in the league doubted the Bills’ ability to make the playoffs just a few weeks ago. And yet, here they are, as champions of the AFC East. What a turnaround.

Now it’s time to face the Patriots again. I will not detail what happened the last time. I doubt anyone will forget the head-to-head matchups this season.

So move on Kyle Brandt, here’s the hype Bills Mafia needs for the next game.

Prediction #1: Devin Singletary has a day

Devin Singletary has been advocating for an extension for a few weeks now. There was a 100-yard rush game against the Falcons and a 112-yard total rush game against the Jags. However, Saturday is her time to shine. These teams rank 27th and 29th respectively in rushing yards allowed at the end of the season. The Patriots rank 22nd.

This will be Singletary’s time to find out what he is made of. The Pats’ defense is good, nothing wrong with admitting it, so for Singletary to get over 80 yards will be a feat. Something I think he is more than capable of. With a hasty TD, to rub it on all faces.

Prediction #2: Safety Duo won’t be embarrassed

I don’t think that needs more explanation, do you?

The only embarrassment on this court on Saturday will be Mac Jones when he is denied more than 100 aerial yards. McCorkle will be too scared to throw himself near this number one safety tandem. Even his coach won’t trust him to do it. Watch him tremble in fear.

Prediction #3: Under 100 rushing yards

Run defense, while a problem, can get the job done. I believe it wholeheartedly. Going against these guys three times, knowing what they can do on the court? They will have watched the whole tape, made all the adjustments, and won’t be done like this again.

The Patriots will struggle to get past that 100 rushing yard mark, I trust Frazier and McDermott and their big brains. Damian Harris will be stopped in his tracks.

Prediction #4: Air Allen and his cronies

Allen is my MVP. No QB in the league has been better than Allen in the final weeks of the season. It is thanks to his talent, his ability to rally his team, that the Bills made the playoffs. And he will continue to put them on his back, but now the load will be less heavy. Now he has a supporting cast.

Davis and Beasley are back, Singletary bursts out, Diggs screams for his time, the OLine holds on. They’re all cylinders firing for this Bills offense, and the Patriots defense has no idea what they’re about to face. It will be a bloodbath with over 450 total yards. 300 in the air and 150 on the ground, to hell with the weather. It’s Bills time.

Prediction #5: Defense won’t allow more than three 3rd downs

I emphasized pass defense, then D-run, and now overall defense. Nothing brings me more joy than watching hope slowly fade from an opposing team’s eye when the Bills once again stop their conversion attempt on 3rd down. Watch in defeat as their punting unit is brought into the field.

No one does it better than the Bills. Anybody. Thus, Jake Bailey will make many appearances on Saturday. No more than three 3rd down conversions.

Prediction #6: McCorkle eats it

The defensive line is having fun. In their last three regular season games, they’ve totaled 15 sacks for a loss of 116 yards. I loved watching each one of them. And with the injury report particularly light, all defensive starters are ready.

Hughes, Addison, Epenesa and Oliver will get their hands on McCorkle for a total of three sacks.


The Bills will win. There is no other option. Win a playoff game at home in front of a packed crowd against the rival Patriots?

Say it with me: Bills. Through. A. Shit. Billion.


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