Trial Date Set for Former Menominee County Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct


Brian Helfert’s trial was originally scheduled for November. However, it had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak locally both within the prison, the courthouse and within the community. So when Justice Mary Barglind adjourned the trial, she called a pre-trial conference that was held yesterday at 41st Circuit Court and a new trial date has been set. Menominee’s prosecutor, Jeffrey Rogg, said: “The Brian Helfert case will now be held on February until March 2 includedsd. “

Rogg says, “The main motion is about other acts, in other words, other evidence of other criminal sexual behavior.”

Currently, Mr. Helfert is free on bail in this case until the trial takes place. This was necessary because he had already been in jail for 180 days before the trial when it was adjourned in November. Michigan law requires a person to be tried within six months if they are in jail, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they could not do so. That’s why Judge Barglind had no choice but to release Helfert on public relations bail. Prosecutor Rogg says if there are other victims of Mr. Helfert who have not yet been disclosed to the police, he will encourage those people to contact Jason McGee at the Menominee Police Department or himself at the office. of the prosecutor.


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