This flexible bike-friendly umbrella is designed to keep cyclists clean and dry on rainy days!


The RainRider canopy cover has been designed to attach to the handlebars of e-bikes and road bikes to protect riders and their bikes from rainy weather conditions and reduce CO2 gas emissions by keeping riders on the road even under the rain.

While many of us choose to ride bicycles and e-bikes to help mitigate the effects of carbon emissions emitted while driving, weather conditions like rain and snow hamper a smooth ride, preventing more casual road cyclists. To keep cyclists on the road, RainRider, a German start-up devoted to sustainable mobility, recently launched its soft cover for cyclists to attach to their road bikes and e-bikes during thunderstorms.

Whenever it rains, riders can simply strap the canopy cover over their handlebars and fork tubes and ride as normal. RainRider’s cover follows the direction of the bike and its streamlined design makes it less susceptible to crosswinds that might blow through thunderstorms. Like an umbrella for your bike, the RainRider’s canopy cover is designed with an aerodynamic shape to keep rides fast and safe even on rainy days. Lightweight in design, RainRider’s canopy cover weighs just 3 lbs and can fold into a backpack when not in use for easy storage and portability.

Made from UV resistant window film and coated polyester fabric, the plastic cover not only keeps rain away, but also the sun’s rays. The canopy frame is made of aluminum/carbon rods and plastic connecting joints, which adds to its lightweight and flexible design. Additionally, RainRider has equipped the window film of each convertible top cover with an adjustable ventilation system to prevent window fogging and keep riders cool with fresh air. Whenever riders want to park their bike with the canopy still attached, it can fold into the parking position, which spans the full length of the bike.

Describing the inspiration behind their new soft cover, RainRider explains,
“With the RainRider soft top, you can save a lot of money by using your bike all year round and therefore do without your car or use it less often. In addition, you help relieve municipalities and cities from car traffic and reduce CO2 emissions.

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The RainRider canopy cover protects riders and their bikes from the elements to help reduce CO2 emissions from cars.

To prevent cyclists from driving their car on rainy days, RainRider’s hood cover protects cyclists from almost any angle.


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