“They were literally promoting it for migraine sufferers”


During episode #1873 of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, former pharmaceutical rep Brigham Buhler told the podcast host that drug companies are unethically pushing highly addictive painkillers like OxyContin.

Buhler said OxyContin was originally designed to provide relief for people suffering from extreme pain from terminal illnesses like cancer. He added that sales of the drug increased as pharmaceutical companies began to increase the number of patients recommending the drug even to patients with simple migraines:

“So originally, Oxy[Contin] was for people with terminal cancer in severe pain or someone on the upper end of the pain threshold. And the aim of a company and a representative is to develop the market and achieve the [sales] Number. So when you go out, it’s like how to develop the market, we’re going to increase the number of patients, we need doctors to write more about this. So what they did with OxyContin was…it got to a point where they were literally promoting it to people with migraines and they were injecting these painkillers into all these practices.”

Watch Joe Rogan and Brigham Buhler talk about OxyContin below:

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Additionally, Buhler said the family that owns OxyContin brought the drug to market, relying on an old drug delivery system. He explained that a former FDA chief even helped the owners get the drug approved by the FDA.

According to WebMD, OxyContin is highly addictive and prone to addiction in patients with a history of addiction. Withdrawal symptoms such as muscle aches, mood swings, diarrhea, and nausea are also associated with the drug.

Brigham Buhler tells Joe Rogan about his experience launching a new drug

During the same podcast, Brigham Buhler told Joe Rogan that on his first assignment while working as a medical representative for Eli Lilly, he was able to launch the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis.

Buhler told the UFC commentator that even 20 years ago the company gave him a car and a $17,000 monthly expense account to host expensive dinners and parties to network with doctors who might potentially offer the drug to their patients:

“I start, and they give me a $17,000 monthly expense account, a company car, and the drug that I got to kick off was Cialis, which is the 36-hour Viagra…It’s [the money] use it or lose it. So if I didn’t use the expense account, I would be in trouble. my manager [would] say, ‘What are you doing? Why don’t you do dinner parties?’… But it was fun… When I walked in it was so surreal… All I had to do was talk to the doctors about that new drug they all want to talk about? “

Watch the episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast below:

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