These Pills Secretly Contain Erectile Dysfunction Drug


People who have purchased Launch Sequence Aphrodisia and Euphoria capsules should be aware that the supplement is now part of a major recall. The product contains an undisclosed erectile dysfunction drug, which turns into an unapproved drug that has not been tested for safety and effectiveness. Additionally, the undisclosed drug may have serious adverse side effects by interacting with other drugs.

People who take it can risk heart attack, stroke, and even death.

Launch sequence Recall of Aphrodisia and Euphoria capsules

Loud Muscle Science recently released the launch sequence booster. Additionally, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released the announcement on this link.

The company explains that laboratory tests have concluded that the products are contaminated with tadalafil. It is an ingredient that the FDA has approved to treat male erectile dysfunction. Also, it is part of the family of medications known as phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitors. It is perhaps best known by one of its trade names: Cialis.

But the presence of tadalafil in Launch Sequence supplement makes it an unapproved drug. This is why the company initiated the recall, covering various types of launch sequence Aphrodisia and Euphoria capsules.

The following is a list of Launch Sequence products in the recall:

  • 60 Pill Bottle Launch Sequence Capsules – ASIN: B07TLPWXDS; UPC: 641378938375
  • 10 Pill Tin Launch Sequence Euphoria Capsules – ASIN: B08ZJX4V9J; UPC: 661020846864
  • 4 Pill Tin Launch Sequence Aphrodisia Capsules – ASIN: B07QB3S2LV; UPC: 661020846957
  • 60 Pill Bottle Launch Sequence Capsules – ASIN: B08HM7VHCX; UPC: 661020848166
  • 10 Pill Tin Launch Sequence Euphoria Capsules – ASIN: B08ZJX4V9J; UPC: 661020846864
  • 4 Pill Tin Launch Sequence Aphrodisia Capsules – ASIN: B09S12VK3F; UPC: 661020846957

Also be sure to check out the full press release on this link for more information on the lot numbers for each variant. Each supplement above includes multiple lots that are included in the recall.

In addition, each batch has a different expiration date. Some of them will expire in 2024 or 2025.

Additionally, knowing where you purchased the supplements can help identify which ones are being recalled. Loud Muscle Science sold Launch Sequence products during the recall on Amazon in the United States.

Additionally, Canadian buyers may have purchased them from, eBay, or local retail stores.

The health risk

Loud Muscle Science explains that “the most critical potential adverse health consequence of unintentional consumption of an undeclared tadalafil-contaminated product is profound, life-threatening hypotension related to drug interactions.” Tadalafil from launch sequence supplements in the booster may interact with nitroglycerin or guanylate cyclase inhibitors that some people might take regularly.

In the “intended use” population, hypotension resulting from this drug interaction can lead to heart attack, stroke, and death.

what you should do

Loud Muscle Science has not received any reports of adverse events related to Launch Sequence pills from this recall. However, given the product’s long shelf life, supplements remain a risk for buyers who also treat their heart problems with various prescription medications.

With this in mind, the company urges buyers not to use Launch Sequence products from the list above.

Loud Muscle Science says it is notifying all customers and distributors of the recall. Refunds will be available.

Also, buyers who have experienced unexplained medical issues after taking Launch Sequence supplements should seek help from their doctor.

Additionally, consumers should review the full press release at the FDA. It contains complete information about the different versions of the launch sequence in the recall, including batch codes and expiration dates. Additionally, the announcement lists contact information for Loud Muscle Science and other FDA resources.

Finally, buyers of such supplements should also be aware of a recall from mid-March. These products contained Viagra without mentioning the ingredient on the packaging.


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