The Complete Guide To Generic Tadalafil And What It Is Used For


Over the past two decades, a deluge of different treatments for erectile dysfunction has hit the market, with big brands like Viagra making headlines and positively impacting the sex lives of millions of men.

As with many other medications, savings can be made by going with generic equivalents of well-known brand-name treatments, and tadalafil is no different. So what is this miracle pill and what can it do for you?

Presentation of tadalafil

Interestingly enough, tadalafil is known by two different brand names, as well as being available in its generic form.

The first is Cialis, which is specifically marketed as a treatment for erectile dysfunction in men, in addition to having benefits for those with an enlarged prostate, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. .

The second is Adcirca, and in this form it is prescribed to both men and women as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension.

So when you order tadalafil, you receive the generic equivalent of Cialis and Adcirca. This means that it brings all the potential benefits, as well as side effects, of these brand name drugs.

Access tadalafil

There are a few potential problems that people with certain pre-existing medical conditions may experience if they take tadalafil.

For this reason, you will need a prescription from a licensed physician to purchase it, whether you do so by going to a physical pharmacy or ordering from an online retailer.

Using tadalafil

The good thing about generic tadalafil is that its use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction can be quite flexible.

If you wish to take it on the fly, then its effects will be felt about 30 minutes after ingesting it. If, on the other hand, you prefer be more spontaneous with your love life, you can take tadalafil daily, and one pill consumed every 24 hours is more than enough to give you the boost you need to perform in the bedroom.

In fact, it will take around 36 hours for tadalafil to completely leave your system, so a single pill could last long enough to encompass an entire weekend of privacy.

This flexibility is important, because of course there is nothing less sexy than having to tell your partner to wait a bit while the drug does its job.

Side effects to consider

While many people are able to take tadalafil without experiencing serious side effects, there are a few that are minor to know, as well as more serious ones that should sound the alarm bells.

You may experience a little nasal congestion, headache, indigestion, muscle pain, and even disturbed sleep. Again, you may not experience any or only some of these side effects, so this should not be enough to completely deter you from taking tadalafil.

However, if you experience dizziness, nausea, or numbness immediately after taking this medicine, you should see a doctor.

These are all things your doctor should consider with you when prescribing tadalafil, and it’s important to know what to expect so that the side effects don’t take you by surprise and spoil your mood.

In summary, tadalafil is an important and affordable generic erectile dysfunction drug that offers similar benefits to its branded counterparts, without forcing patients to pay too much for the privilege of using it.

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