The Anabolic Doc explains “the injection for an erection”


Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, discusses the concept of “ejection for an erection” and the complexities of erectile dysfunction for bodybuilders.

One of the most common stereotypes about steroids is that over time erections become harder to achieve without continued steroid use. Combine that with the popular stereotype that all bodybuilders are “roid rage” steroid users – and you have a mainstream audience that thinks bodybuilders are more likely to have sexual problems. Although this assumption is probably overstated, it is true that long-term steroid users can have problems due to a lack of testosterone. One that The Anabolic doc has already discussed with us. Enter the concept of “injection for an erection”.

The phrase “injection for an erection” is an insider causal way of explaining certain prescribed drugs that can be injected into the body for an instant erection. This is different from traditional drugs like Viagra. Literally, it provides an almost instant erection whether you are turned on or not from a distance. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, The Anabolic Doc explains in detail how “the injection for an erection” works. It also details how erectile dysfunction is often much more complicated than people realize.

The biggest misconception, explains The Anabolic Doc, is that “the shot for an erection” is often used by bodybuilders and steroid users after they quit drugs. This is not the case. In fact, this is very often not the case for post-steroid bodybuilders. These types of injections are commonly prescribed and are a last option for those struggling with erectile dysfunction. After other more common drugs like Viagra and therapy, they couldn’t bring relief.

The Anabolic Doc explains that people often focus on blood flow when it comes to erections during sex. This is where drugs like Viagra come in. Some people may have a disorder that prevents blood flow from pumping properly to the penis when aroused. So drugs like Viagra often help with this problem. It can also help those who may have mild mental blocks when it comes to sex. For example, those who have anxiety before having sex or who may be putting too much pressure on the act – causing erectile dysfunction.

But there is another component to erections and arousal that is less discussed. These are the direct brain signals going to the penis – telling you to get aroused. As we mentioned a moment ago, some may mentally get hung up from excitement due to anxiety or stress. But if you take a step closer to clinical depression, or maybe brain damage, or even nerve damage in the body, that can have big effects on arousal and erections as well.

The Anabolic Doc explains that this is where “the injection for an erection” comes in. It’s ultimately not ideal, but it’s a last resort for those who haven’t found relief via other methods. Some of these injections are even inserted directly into the penis. These drugs, literally, provide an instant erection.

So the main point that The Anabolic Doc wants to make here is that “injecting for an erection” is not a widely used tactic among long-term steroid users. It is a misconception to assume that this is purely a bodybuilding technique. His phrase and the shocking nature of the drug seem to be turning heads – and helping the concept go more viral online in some circles. However, it is a very real and often confusing path that some people have to take. Those who suffer after years of struggle.

You can watch Dr. Thomas O’Connor, aka The Anabolic Doc, explain “the injection for an erection” in detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.


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