Stayed one night at Hotel 81, Singapore’s most notorious hotel chain


Hotel 81, a chain of hotels in Singapore, is often associated with the Geylang red-light district.

Hotel 81 Premier Star.

Marielle Descalsota/Insider

The hotel has average ratings online, mostly based on tourist reviews. The majority of Hotel 81 properties are rated between three and three and a half stars on websites like TripAdvisor.

But among the locals, it’s a different story: the hotel chain is generally considered a love motel.

While hotel management markets the chain as a no-frills hotel aimed at budget travelers, many locals haven’t given up on the perception that it’s a “sleazy” place to stay. one night stands. Eight of the chain 28 hotels around Singapore are located in Geylang red lorongs.

Several hotel properties have also experienced criminal activity. In 2015, a man murdered her lover before committing suicide at the 81 Palace hotel. And in 2021, a man burned towels at Hotel 81 Violet when he could not fit into a room occupied by two of his friends.

I was curious if the hotel was really as bad as people have told me over the years. And since some are located in the red light district, I thought this would be my chance to explore the neighborhood as well.

So I booked a one night stay at Hotel 81 Premier Star (pictured above) on Geylang’s Lorong 18, one of the few with dates available in April. Most other properties were fully booked.

The superior room I booked cost 75 Singapore dollars ($55), which was a bargain considering the medium the rate per night for hotels in Singapore is 255 Singapore dollars ($187). The insider paid for my stay in full.

The management of Hotel 81, Worldwide Hotels Pte Ltd, declined to comment on my story.


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