Records Tom Brady can reach at 45 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


With Eastern medicine, alternative therapies, high-protein, plant-based diets, avocado ice cream, and a list of recommendations he adopts from his guru Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady, 45 sports the body of a Greek god and not like the adult who faces the home stretch of their reproductive life with a Viagra prescription in their back pocket.

The change in diet, training and above all the abandonment of the unsmiling diet that Bill Belichick imposes on his players, infected Brady with the Jennifer López effect, that the more birthdays they celebrate, the more photos they mark on his abdomen.

The winningest quarterback of the Super Bowl era has extended his career like no human before in the NFL. It’s not just about challenging fathers time, it’s about competing.

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Brady leads the 2022 season after exploding last year with 5.36 passing yards, a number he hasn’t thrown in any of his previous 21 seasons. He completed 43 touchdown passes and in that category ranked first in the NFL. He had two more than Matthew Stafford, five more than Justin Herbert and six more than a trio of QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, who tied for fourth with 37 touchdowns.

Tom Brady, as a reminder, did it at 44

The quarterback with the most trophies, Vince Lombardi, leads almost every line in the record books. He is a hunter of victories and brands, but he still lacks a few tricks that at 45 he could still capture. And probably a big reason for his return after his short-lived resignation in February.

First player with 100,000 passing yards.

It doesn’t matter if it’s dollars, people or meters thrown, 100,000 will still be an incredibly high number by the standards of any region.

In the NFL, it’s gigantic. Consider that when Brady entered the league, Dan Marino was the quarterback with the most passing yards (including the playoffs) with 65,871. Prior to the 2022 kickoff, Brady has 84,520 in the season and 13,045 in the playoffs. Using some basic math, TB12 needs 2,431 passing yards to hit another confetti shower as the first player to reach the 100,000 milestone.

Based on their stats from last year, the bar might be broken between Weeks 8 and 9 when the Buccaneers face the Ravens and Ramsrespectively.

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More returns in the fourth quarter

If there’s one seal of guarantee the NFL has built throughout its history, it’s that like the dessert of a meal, the best is saved for last.

Brady trails Peyton Manning (43) with the most fourth quarter comebacks. Last year, the Californian Sunshine helped the Bucs beat the Cowboys, Patriots and Jets by coming from behind in the fourth quarter.

250 season 50 playoff wins

Brady has the most wins of any NFL quarterback at 243 and may be the first to score 250 kills. He’s three wins away from 50 in the playoffs, another number no other player has reached.

Buccaneers touchdown pass leader in just three seasons

At 43, Tom Brady played his first game in a Tampa Bay uniform. Despite only playing two full seasons with the team, TB12 could become the franchise’s all-time leader in touchdowns. Career record belongs to Jameis Winston, who had his 121 in five years. Brady has 83 touchdown passes in the regular season, and in each of his previous two seasons, he had at least 40 touchdown passes. It will take him 39 to beat Winston’s record. And we’ll be there to watch it all!

Happy Birthday, Tom Legend!


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