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Father and son grab guns to track and kill jogger and dad says ‘There was no malice in my heart or my son’s heart that day. Yeah, just more “good guys with guns” who think they have the right to shoot whoever they want.

So our Indiana Republican Legislature is happy with the ban it has enacted on abortion. So they satisfied the religious right. What about the rest — the majority of their voters?

Trump presents himself as the innocent victim of a political vendetta, and his infinitely gullible supporters swallow him the same way they mindlessly embraced the Big Lie. He is not a victim. He is a criminal and a gangster who must finally answer for his brazen lawlessness. And it is high time.

Indiana now has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country thanks to Republicans. Guess that’s what they deserve when an unqualified woman from the Handmaidens via Notre Dame is admitted to the Supreme Court.

Indiana: first state to be called for Trump in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and now the first state to enact a draconian abortion ban after Roe. Even the Indiana Chamber of Commerce has expressed concern about the policy’s negligence, haste, and thoughtlessness. And with good reason. Now we learn that some big industries in Indiana are considering leaving the state because they can’t bring qualified people here.

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Both Todd Young and Mike Braun voted against capping insulin costs, join other Republican senators in killing this part of the Inflation Reduction Act. VOTED AGAINST CAP ON DRUG COST MANY ELDERLY PEOPLE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT, CAN’T AFFORD AND HAVE TO RATION. This is your Indiana GOP in action, always looking out for Hoosiers interests. Oh wait. I was mistaken. My fault. It is actually NEVER about looking after the interests of the Hoosiers. Always attentive to the interests of Big Pharma.

People! Don’t vote for anyone who thinks Biden stole the 2020 election. Either they are evil, in that they continue to promote what they know to be a lie, or they are too ignorant to know otherwise. In any case, they do not have what it takes to occupy a public office, that is to say, a rational mind.

Republicans accept that the FBI catches criminals, as long as they are immigrants or minorities, but they don’t want the FBI to catch Trump or any of the criminal sycophants around him, and they’re legion. Even investigating him is “political,” and if they return to power in November, Republicans will drag Merrick Garland to Congress and impeach him for it. So says Kevin McCarthy, who is positively giddy about becoming Speaker of the House and joining committees like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz. But really, how can you trust someone who wears brown shoes with a blue suit?

Thus, the Democrats managed to organize an FBI raid on a former Republican president! No wonder since the Democrats currently control the FBI. Republicans must abandon their primitive and appropriate ethics and use the same dirty politics that their Democratic opponents use or they will never survive. We need Republicans to do more than just survive to secure the future of America’s middle-class working families.

When will we see the $200 refund that was approved by the Indiana Legislature last week? Most people, myself included, are still waiting for the $125 we never received.

Indiana District 95 Rep. John Bartlett Proposed Amendment to Anti-Abortion Bill this would have banned the prescription and use of “erectile dysfunction” drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Sure, the amendment failed in Indiana’s male-dominated legislature, but you can bet a million dollars the entire bill would have been defeated in a searing minute if this amendment had been included in the final version !



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