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While the pandemic has definitely been a drag, live music has returned to Denver, the Front Range and beyond, so catch a show if you can or feel like it. But if you’re an agoraphobe, a misanthrope, or just too tired this week, there’s plenty of great Colorado music you can listen to on the stereo, iPhone, laptop, or whatever. Bring these jewels to the comfort of your own home and support the artists financially if you can. Pants are optional.

This week, Joel Anset delivers a nugget of thoughtfulness – and we mean thoughtful – indie folk with “Layers”. Sensitizationfrom Denver hip-hop duo Calm., remixes Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step with a verse from Del the Funky Homosapien. Never Kenezzard release a 7-inch of post-hardcore psychedelic metal sound you really have to hear, while the post-punk duo from Denver plague garden release their third album of future dark wave classics, and Jukebox Hardknocks release six Colorado honky-tonk gems.

Unless otherwise stated, all music is available on major streaming platforms.

Joel Anset
The sound of Joel Ansett’s fingers sliding over the opening chords of “Layers,” his latest single, sends shivers down your spine. The sparse, whispery production is reminiscent of Elliott Smith’s sparse, whispery 1995 self-titled album. And it stays that way throughout, as Ansett delivers a thoughtful piece of indie-folk music. Ansett’s voice is soft yet richly layered, making it almost a haunting appearance on the minimalist instrumental. Lyrically, he sings about the difficulty of connecting with other people. It’s evident when he asks, “Why all the games / When it’s already hard to know who we are?”

<a href=”https://emergencyhearts.bandcamp.com/track/rebellion-awareness-remix”& amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Rebellion (AwareNess Remix) by Angelo Moore & amp; amp; the Brand New Step, Del the Funky Homosapien, AwareNess& ;amp;gt;

Together with rapper Chris “Time” Steele, AwareNess forms the Denver hip-hop duo Calm. He threw himself into the remix of Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step’s “Rebellion,” turning the electric funk of the original into a dark track that flirts with a reggae dancehall-style beat. Moore is a legend as a saxophonist and leader of the ska/funk/soul lords Fishbone. Both the original and the remix include a verse by hip-hop legend Del the Funky Homosapien, perhaps best known for his role as Deltron Zero in alternative hip-hop trio Deltron 3030 with Dan the Automator and Kid Koala. . True fans of the genre have argued with at least one fool who swears Del the Funky Homosapien and Deltron Zero are two different people. The single is available on all streaming platforms, but swipe to Austin’s quirky label EMERGENCY HEARTS and see what else it has to offer.

Never Kenezzard
“Ra/Genie” 7 inches
Denver’s Never Kenezzard releases 7-inch vinyl on Wednesday, November 9, featuring the songs “Genie” and an edited version of “Ra”, both taken from the band’s latest album, The long and difficult road. Never Kenezzard is one of those bands that is beginning to blur genre lines, but it can safely be called post hardcore. It’s heavy, sure, but the band has an experimental, psychedelic bent that’s fun to dive into. The voice turns to shrill black-metal with “Genie”, but the band also starts singing almost at one point. The underlying drum beat evokes 1980s crossover thrash in places. The new version of “Ra” has a seasick rhythm that is mesmerizing in its own way – good for rocking back and forth in a darkened room . It’s all very psychedelic, although taking hallucinogens while listening to it probably wouldn’t go well. Maybe stick to coffee. While you buy the vinyl, copy the whole album to bandcamp.com.

plague garden
captain blue

Plague Garden is a side project by Fernando Altonaga and Angelo Atencio of Denver industrial duo eHpH, whose 2020 President Orange bashing record Infrared well worth a visit. captain blue is the duo’s third album, and Altonaga and Atencio have released six tracks of what can be called post punk or dark wave. For the casual observer, Plague Garden makes music for goth kids. And that’s totally the case, but Altonaga and Atencio manage to rely on the music of groups such as Bauhaus or Pink Turns Blue without ever falling into a parody of it. The record is a fresh take on a style that evolved throughout the 1980s. The band also features Stephen Hannum on bass and Tom Murphy on lead guitar during live shows.

Hard hits from the jukebox
Songs that the jukebox taught us
With the group using a title hailing the cramps, Songs taught by the jukebox We, it would be easy to call his music “rockabilly” or “psychobilly” and move on. But the Hardknocks’ fifth EP in two years injects more than a healthy dose of classic honky-tonk into the sound, so much so that it’s only fair to call it a true honky-tonk band. It gets pretty twangy with pedal steel guitar contributions from Adam Stern and vocalist Andy Christ’s baritone vocals. And the influence is present in the songs. The band releases two originals, but the remaining four songs are covers of honky-tonk masters – Hank Thompson, Hank Mills, Faron Young and Buck Owens. These are all artists you might overlook in the crate of cheap records, but probably shouldn’t.

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