NAFDAC Labels Previously Approved Herbal Medicines Dangerous


Director General of NAFDAC, Mojisola Adeyeye reported to the press last week on Wednesday in Abuja that some of the drugs they had previously approved were unfit for human consumption as they contained tobacco and cannabis.

Why is this important?

One of these drugs is Kurkura, an aphrodisiac. “Kurkura is an illicit product consumed illegally for the sole purpose of getting drunk. If abused, the substance can be harmful to body organs such as the brain, kidneys and liver. Kidney and liver damage cannot be overstated,“said Adeyeye.

“This substance can cause irrational thinking and an altered state of mind which, if taken by a driver, can lead to a traffic accident with attendant fatal consequences or can lead to criminal behavior such as rape, kidnapping and murder..” She says.

Other harmful drugs are, ‘Minister For Man Power’, ‘Nisan Zango Karfin Maza’, ‘Shagalin Ka Man Power’, ‘Dakan Jia Man Power enhancement’, ‘Gagare Man Power’, ‘Wuff Male Sexual Performance’ , ‘Almenjou for lazy men in bed’ and ‘Afafata for sexual drive’.

“Hyergra 200” (sildenafil citrate tablet), “Cannon Extra” (paracetamol 500mg + caffeine 30mg) and “Amafranil tablets” (clomipramine tablet 25mg) are also harmful.

Another product, although approved by NAFDAC, now found to contain harmful substances is an alcoholic beverage called ‘Japata’ produced by Chigodson International Company Ltd.

It contains marijuana even though when the products were registered they were said to contain only ethanol. This drink, according to NAFDAC, is contaminated and unfit for human consumption.

Adeyeye promised that the agency would continue its inspections of unauthorized manufacturing facilities and that violators would be dealt with in accordance with applicable laws and rules.


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