Men inevitably travel to their first graves


As we age, our sex drive decreases considerably. This is more noticeable in women after menopause. But since menopause is true in women, andropause is true in men. Andropause, although rarely mentioned, was coined from two Greek words “andras (human man)” and “pause (to stop, to cease)”. So, by definition, andropause is a syndrome associated with decreased sexual satisfaction or decreased overall sense of well-being due to low testosterone levels in older men.

This literally means that both men and women will start to have potency issues as we reach a certain age. But this age varies from person to person. So, it is common that when this happens, especially in men, they resort to the use of sexual enhancement drugs to improve their performance between the sheets, in order to sexually satisfy their partner (s) and to remove the gown to be referred. as an inferior being by their sexual partner (s).

Sexual dysfunction in men is not only their inability to achieve an erection, but it includes a range of other signs and symptoms associated with the inability to have sex. The list includes premature ejaculation, retrograde, delayed or inhibited ejaculation, orgasmic disorders, inability to calm down after sexual arousal, reduced libido, and compulsive sexual behavior.

There are many examples of sexual enhancers. Viagra (sildenafil) was the first pharmacologically approved drug to treat sexual dysfunction. Although the research to find such pharmacological products predates Viagra by several millennia. These drugs are also called aphrodisiacs, an adaptation of “Aphroditae”, the name of the Greek goddess of love.

Aphrodisiacs are synthesized from plants, animals or minerals. Many natural substances, although with little or no scientific evidence, such as yohimbine, mandrake, rhino horns and the “Spanish fly” are used as aphrodisiacs. The same goes for certain food substances such as strawberries, raw oysters, chocolate, coffee and honey which are said to have aphrodisiac properties.

In Nigeria, carpolobia lutes, commonly referred to as “poor man’s candle or” cattle stick, “are commonly used to treat male erectile dysfunction and to facilitate childbirth by traditional healers. It is called Egbooshunshun by the Yorubas, Angalagalaor Agba (Igbo), Ikpafun / Ndiyan / Nyayanga (Ibibio) and AbekpokIbuhu (Eket). Derivatives of this plant are also used to treat malaria, inflammation, arthritis and worm infestations.

Burantashi, a Hausa word meaning “the penis rises,” is a powder commonly used by the Hausa-Fulani to treat erectile dysfunction. It comes from the bark of the African tree Pausinystaliajohimbe. This powder is also commonly used to garnish a local specialty called “suya” in Nigeria. Its active ingredient is the previously mentioned alkaloid, yohimbine. It is called agboidiagbon by the Yoruba.

Another wave producing sexual enhancers lately is called Kayanmat, which means “women’s things” in Hausa, they are meant for women. The male version of this is “maganinmaza”, which means “potions for men”.

Locally produced aphrodisiacs are so popular in Nigeria, that they are sold as “paraga”, burantashi “, etc., in all kinds of places, from street corners, at gas stations to large shopping malls, etc., and even sold on the Internet, they are bought and used shamelessly with the presumption that they have little or no side effects.

However, research has shown that these aphrodisiacs have serious side effects, especially after prolonged use. They can lead to abnormal sperm production and hence male infertility. They can also cause heart attacks and other potential serious heart problems, as well as mini-strokes, vision and hearing loss. It can also drop blood pressure to a dangerously low level and some even cause blood sugar levels to get too low, leading to coma and death many times.

It is therefore imperative to stress in concluding this article and without mincing words, that sexual enhancers when used over a long period of time can eventually lead to complete loss of penile erection and even death. This is no exaggeration, as there are daily reports of men dying on their lovers after fortifying themselves with sexual enhancers believing that the more they work in bed, the more manly they are. But to the wise man among men, never go beyond nature to sexually satisfy a woman, your life is more important.

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