Marinette city council debates properties as part of 20-year comprehensive plan


Bay Lake Regional Planning presented the requested changes to the 20-year comprehensive plan to Marinette City Council at Tuesday’s monthly meeting. Two changes are requested. The first would be to designate the Stephenson Street and Hattie Street properties as low and medium density residential areas and the second would be to remove the text “light industry” from the description of the future mixed-use land designation. “Both of these houses are currently zoned residential and for all who live there it is considered that the Hattie Court should be maintained as a residential and protected area,” said Alderman Jason Flatt.

“The previous comprehensive plan indicated that this area was commercial and the planning commission felt it was correctly identified,” said Alderman Jeff Skorik.

After a long discussion, the board voted on the two recommendations of the comprehensive plan, both of which were adopted with five to four votes. Going forward, any further recommendations will be returned to Bay Lakes for consideration with the city. The city must complete the 20-year comprehensive plan by November 30e.


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