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Man detained with over 20,000 illegal pills | News | Jamaica star

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October 26, 2022

Police attached to the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch believe they have put a major curb on the sale of illegal drugs as one of the alleged gamblers has been arraigned in the Parish Court of Kingston and St Andrew on a 212-count indictment.

Keita Stephens, a daycare operator, was charged by investigators following a raid on his Kingston 19 premises on July 3 and 13 where more than 20,000 sexual enhancement pills including Viagra, drugs prescription and female birth control pills, were found. The case was transferred to Plea and Case Management Court due to the volume of charges and the investigators’ intention to bring further charges against the accused.

It is the second time this year that Stephens has found himself in court, as he appeared before senior parish judge Lori-Anne Cole-Montaque in August for sex offenses.

Stephens was remanded in custody until December 15. He is represented by attorney CJ Mitchell.

Stephens is charged with: two counts of violation of customs laws; one count of unlawful possession of property; nine counts of violation of the Pharmacy Act; two counts of failure to register as a pharmacist; two counts of premises not registered as a pharmacy; four counts of selling a list of drugs without a prescription; 13 counts of distributing drugs without a license; 17 counts of violations of the Food and Drugs Act; 33 statements of unpaid expenses to the Ministry of Health; 56 counts of distributing drugs without a license; 57 counts of importing drugs without a license; and 16 drug accounts not registered with the Ministry of Health.

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