Lost luggage at Salt Lake City International Airport filled with illegal prescription drugs


SALT LAKE CITY – Many of us know that feeling – when luggage starts showing up at baggage claim after a flight, but your bag isn’t there.

Anyone who owns a purple-colored bag at the Salt Lake City International Airport knows what that feels like. However, unlike other passengers with missing luggage at the airport, the owner of this purple bag might not dare try to retrieve it.

“Upon further investigation, we discovered that it contained several thousand packets of prescription drugs,” said Sgt. Gary Young of the Cottonwood Heights Police Department.

This bag is now with Cottonwood Heights police detectives as evidence.

An airline called police on Friday afternoon after the bag was marked as missing and suspicious.

When the police opened it, three bags full of prescription medicine packets were wrapped in plastic and surrounded by garlic cloves.

“The garlic was there to get rid of all the K9s,” Young said. “We are looking at over 2,300 packages and each package is worth around $300. So we’re looking for between $700,000 and $1 million for prescription drugs.

This drug involves Viagra, Cialis and other pills.

Since the luggage came from an international airport, Young said it would be illegal without a prescription.

“I’m very confident that it probably won’t be legal,” Young said. “We don’t usually get such a large amount, which leads us to believe it would supply local dealers with a significant amount, and we think it’s a sophisticated operation.”

Police have the man’s name on the luggage tags, but don’t know if it’s a real name or if the guy got on the plane. It’s also possible that someone else is supposed to pick up the bag. Either way, getting it back will require a little more than calling lost and found.

“We hope he shows up to collect his luggage so we can close this investigation,” Young said. “We have enough information to be able to draw a conclusion.”


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