King Charles pays a royal visit to Jay Blades in The Repair Shop


Pick of the Day: The Repair Shop: A Royal Visit

8 p.m., BBC One

King Charles – or the Prince of Wales as he was when this special edition was taped in the autumn of 2021 – is helping to mark the BBC’s centenary by joining Jay blades share their passion for preserving heritage craftsmanship. Blades is joined by ceramic expert Kirsten Ramsay and watchmaker Steve Fletcher, all three invited to Dumfries House in Scotland to meet Charles and learn about the work of the Prince’s Foundation to train the next generation of craftsmen. In turn, they are asked to restore two pieces that the prince has selected: an 18th century console clock and a piece of Wemyss Ware made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee.

Children’s TV: the surprising story

9 p.m., BBC One

The “surprising” element of this retrospective round-up of BBC children’s television (which can also be watched purely for nostalgia) is, like our guide and former blue stone presenter Konnie Huq explains how many of these shows address various societal themes. Whether it’s Play School with Floella Benjamin as incredibly
rare black presence on the 1970s BBC, gender equality on blue stone, or Mr. Tumble teaching Makaton to children, the depiction of minority groups and social issues often occurred long before “adult” TV shows began to address them. Among many others, Huq talks to Zoe Ball, blue stoneby Valerie Singleton and Janet Ellis, and Barn Hill creator Phil Redmond.

Doctor Martin

9 p.m., TVI

And so, after 18 years, it’s farewell to Portwenn. It is undoubtedly the right thing for Martin Clunes and co to end the show now, but his departure will nonetheless leave a big hole in the schedules for a truly entertaining escape (and, no, The Larkins just don’t cut the mustard). Anyway, the villagers throw a farewell party for the Ellinghams and Ruth helps Mrs. Tishell cope with the news and encourages her to attend. But it looks like Martin and Louisa won’t be coming in person, because a farmer has just spotted their lost dog.

More Television

Cause of death

9 p.m., Channel 5

This docuseries would be useful for any aspiring crime novel writers, with its description of the finer details of a coroner’s caseload. This time, a woman calls the police worried about water leaking from her neighbor’s house, and when they enter the officers find a fully clothed man dead in the bath. Coroner Dr James Adeley is to coordinate with Lancashire Police as they investigate whether he was the victim of foul play and why he was clothed in the bath.

The Elon Musk Show

9 p.m., BBC 2

The final part of this revealing series reaches 2016, with Musk rapidly moving forward with several new business ideas: building underground tunnels, creating chips that can be inserted into people’s brains, and attempting to build the largest battery factory the world has ever seen. . All the while, he’s getting closer to his ultimate dream of taking humanity to Mars.


9:45 p.m. Sky Max

The last visit for now to the gang begins with the funeral of Nigel, Cardi’s beloved pigeon. This is abruptly interrupted by the MacDonagh brothers, so Vinnie (Joe Gilgun) plots his revenge by trying to exclude them from their cannabis business. Meanwhile, Jim (Steve Evets) visits Dr. Coxley to refill his Viagra prescription.


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