Jekyll Island Beach Water Advisory


The Glynn County Department of Health has issued a bathing advisory for Driftwood Beach, which runs from KM Marker 1 Beach to Tallu Fish Ln on Jekyll Island.

The Department of Natural Resources – Coastal Resources Division analyzes water samples from beaches in Glynn County throughout the year. The enterococcal test (pronounced:
en ter o coc cus), which is found in humans and some wildlife. The test program is unrelated to the motor vehicle transporter that capsized in the St. Simons Strait.

When a beach is subject to an advisory, it means that the level of bacteria in the water is above the standards recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Periodic advisories are not unusual, and sources of the bacteria could include animal waste, stormwater runoff, or recreational boating waste.

The warning does NOT mean the beach is closed. Beach water advisories alert the public to a possible risk of disease associated with contact with water in advisory areas. The Department of Health recommends that you do not swim or wade in water in the advisory area. Fish and other seafood caught in the region should be washed thoroughly in fresh water and thoroughly cooked before consumption, as should fish or seafood caught in all waters.

The area will be tested again and the advisory will be lifted when bacteria levels meet EPA recommended standards. For more information, visit our Beach Water Test page.


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