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Former Mr. Universe winner Calum von Moger has been making headlines lately. In a recent social media post, von Moger expressed his displeasure with people claiming to be fake around him.

Recently, Calum von Moger has been a hot topic in the sport of bodybuilding. He allegedly attempted suicide by jumping out of a two-story window last month. The Australian bodybuilder suffered a spinal injury and was told by medical professionals that he would never be able to walk again. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case for von Moger as he left hospital with the ability to walk unaided.
Still healing from his injuries, von Moger attended a court appearance for trouble with the law a few months ago. After he was arrested in an unregistered vehicle, police found testosterone, needles, cannabis oil, white crystal powder, prescription drugs and Viagra in the car. During the court appearance, von Moger pleaded guilty to possession of a number of drugs, including methamphetamine.
Wounds of Calum Von Moger

The popular bodybuilder took to social media and explained his intolerance of fake people wearing “metaphorical masks depending on who they are with”. It’s worth noting that rehab centers don’t usually allow cell phones, although it looks like von Moger had access to one today.

Calum von Moger ‘frustrated’ that people around him ‘don’t show true colors’

In a recent Instagram post, von Moger goes on the offensive, suggesting people around him have put up a “front” when they’re in his presence, versus when they’re talking behind his back.

“It bothers me that people fake their true emotions. They’ll be this completely different person when you’re not there, but as soon as you show up, they put on a facade and awaken their inner comedian.

To express my feelings in the most simplistic terms, I can say “I’m sick of fake people. Period. “Sometimes it seems that the louder someone proclaims holiness, the bigger the horns they hide.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen people play different characters around their peers. Sometimes they could be the worst of people.

People willingly wear these metaphorical masks depending on who they are with.

Instead of embracing their true selves, they change who they are around certain people. It frustrates me when people prefer to keep their mask on, instead of taking it off and revealing their true colors.

I don’t like to be fake. You may not like what I say, but you will always know where you stand with me.

If my actions tell you that I love you, then I don’t act. I am a genuine person. It wasn’t always like this, but people learn and grow.

I don’t understand being nice to someone and then talking to them behind their back. I don’t understand not being frank and open about your feelings towards others. Calum von Moger wrote.

In light of von Moger’s recent troubles, bodybuilding legend and fellow Australian Lee Priest has come to his defense. According to Priest, addiction can happen to anyone, and added that “when you hit your lowest point, you find out who your real friends are.” It seems those statements were especially true for von Moger, who apparently took issue with some of those close to him.

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While charged with an uphill battle, von Moger has not given up on himself. Following his hospital scare, von Moger indicated he was grateful to be alive.

He has likened his troubles to a “bad dream” and plans to make the most of his second chance at life. Judging by one of his latest Instagram posts, von Moger is determined to eliminate fake people from his life who don’t share the same outlook as him.


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