I Tried Rugiet Ready, A New ED Drug That Gets You Hard In 15 Minutes


I like viagra. In fact, I have subscriptions from both Hims and Roman to ensure I always have a steady supply shipped to my door. Even though I don’t take it for every sexual encounter, I like to take it when I think my nerves may stop me from get or keep an erectionlike when I’m in a sex club with viewers, filming for a friend’s OnlyFans, or have an orgy with several partners, where I have to change condoms several times.

So I was thrilled to learn that there is another form of erectile dysfunction drug that is supposed to work even better than Viagra: Rugiet Ready. Rugiet Health has created a sublingual – a dissolvable lozenge you put under your tongue – which, on average, takes 11 minutes to take effect. It works much faster because it absorbs directly into your bloodstream, company CEO Vikas Patel told me over the phone.

It sounded too good to be true, but if it turned out to be legit, it would solve my main problem with Viagra: having to time the dose. You’re supposed to take Viagra at least an hour before having sex, but I don’t always know if I’ll have sex in an hour. So sometimes I take it, get hard, then don’t use it – or sex happens too quickly, and I can’t get hard like I want to.

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How Rugiet Ready works

I went to Rugiet.com and created an account. After going through diagnostic questions (focusing on physical health and drug use) online with a doctor, I was prescribed Rugiet Ready sublinguals.

On their website I learned that Rugiet Ready combines sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis) and a drug called APO. I knew sildenafil and tadalafil – both are PDE-5 inhibitors which relax muscles and increase blood flow to your penis (causing an erection). Sildenafil has a shorter action, while tadalafil has a longer action; effects can last up to 36 hours.

I was unfamiliar with APO, so I contacted Vipul Khanpara, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Rugiet Health, who explained that APO was short for apomorphine. Despite the mention “morphine” in its name, APO is not an analgesic; rather, it is a dopamine promoter that has been used for some time to help people with Parkinson’s disease. “It primes the brain for sexual stimulation,” he said.

Khanpara also noted that Rugiet Health is a compound pharmacy, which means doctors and pharmacists change the amount of sildenafil, tadalafil, and apomorphine in the sublingual to suit your specific needs. If you experience any side effects, you can let your doctor know online and they can modify the formula to reduce or eliminate your problems. I went with the standard dose.

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Try Rugiet Ready

I decided to try Rugiet Ready the next time I went on a date where I thought sex was on the table. So on my next date, I went to the bathroom while waiting for dessert and skipped a sublingual. It took about 90 seconds to completely dissolve. It had quite a strong, spicy, minty flavor that I really enjoyed.

Patel wasn’t lying: it really started working in about 11 minutes. Foolishly, I had taken it too soon.

I asked my date if he wanted to come over to my house for a nightcap. He accepted. One thing leading to another, we made love twice. My refractory period was basically a minute after I first came. He was impressed with how quickly I was able to leave. I I was impressed with how quickly I was able to start over – and I mean really start over. When you get hard the second time after ejaculating, you often aren’t as hard or you quickly lose your erection. I didn’t have these problems. It felt like I was 17 again.

The final verdict on Rugiet Ready

I have only one complaint with the Rugiet Ready sublinguals: they are more expensive than regular PDE-5 inhibitors. I did some quick math and I’m paying about $5.50 on Hims per dose of Generic Viagra, whereas it’s about $15 for each Rugiet Ready sublingual. But then I think of the times I took Viagra early on, expecting to use it, only to realize I misread the situation and sex wasn’t going to happen. That’s a waste of five bucks right there. I also think of the times I’ve lost a pill or two because I put all three in my pocket and accidentally dropped one while pulling out my phone or wallet. Another waste of money.

To me, it’s worth spending the extra $10 without having to worry so much about timing. There’s enough to worry about when I’m on a date, in a sex club, hosting an orgy, or filming content. Not having to worry about timing and knowing that I’m not just going to get hard, but I can stay hard fucking twice? Invaluable.


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