Georgia Proposed Ban on Abortion Pills in Mail Reeking of Hypocrisy


The hypocrisy of our state senators, including Senator Ben Watson, calling the abortion pill ban law a women’s health bill is astounding. The law does not care about the overall health of women, only the womb of women. The only category of citizens for whom the government feels obliged to control their bodies are pregnant women.

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Imagine the outcry if Viagra was only available to men after a full medical examination, including questions about how they would use an effective contraceptive or support babies that would result from their more effective activities while taking Viagra. Also, if they had heart problems, they should see a heart specialist twice a year to get a good checkup.

Ridiculous, you say? It would interfere with a man’s way of life. How much more disruptive to a woman’s way of life is it to bear an unwanted child? It is a lifelong responsibility. Despite Senator Watson’s statement that he did not view the law as restrictive, I believe most women would disagree.

Marion Marsh Nesterenko, Savannah


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