Enugu fire scares hundreds of students and destroys certificates


Hundreds of students at Peaceland College of Education, Enugu escaped death on Thursday when a fire engulfed parts of the school’s women’s hostel.

The institution is located opposite the Enugu State University of Science and Technology Mature Students Scheme, near the popular Nkpokiti Junction, Independence Layout, Enugu.

Many students were reportedly injured as they ran in different directions amid confusion in the premises.

However, there are conflicting accounts as to what started the fire.


While some said it was caused by a power surge, some said a student left an electrical device on and went to class.

Although no lives were lost in the inferno, some college staff learned that the fire had destroyed roofs, ceilings, windows, bedding, and more on the top floor of a worth more than 30 million naira.

The fire, he gathered, also destroyed some of the students’ certificates and other credentials.

Some speakers who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity said that had it not been for the timely intervention of men from the Enugu State Fire Department, the fire would have leveled the entire hostel and destroyed it. other class blocks.

One of the lecturers said the fire started on the top floor of one of the hostel’s main blocks and destroyed ND certificates and other student credentials.

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A student named Chinwe Odo said, “We were in our different classes when we suddenly heard the sound of an explosion and when we went outside to find out, we saw fire coming out of one of the rooms in the inn.

“Some of us, especially HND students, came to school with our OND certificates because we were told there would be verification by people from Abuja. These certificates were razed by fire.”

However, a senior college official, who preferred anonymity, told reporters the destruction at the school was enormous.

“However, no students were in the room where the fire started, but we suspect someone may have plugged in an appliance and forgotten to turn it off.

“As a result, we lost a lot. The roof, the ceilings, a lot of things up there. In fact, we cannot quantify the destruction. But we really lost property worth more than 30 million naira due to this fire.

“But we thank the men of the Enugu State Fire Department. Without them, entire buildings here would have gone down in flames,” staff said.

At the time of this report’s filing, the school authority had yet to issue a statement about the incident.


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