Edo government upholds okada ban, reassures residents about safety

Godwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo State

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki said the ban on commercial motorcycles is “still in effect” and pledged to maintain partnership with state security agencies to ensure better safety of the lives and property of the citizens of the State.

According to Crusoe Osagie, the governor’s special adviser on media projects, it was gathered that Obaseki, when reviewing the state’s security situation for the month of May, said that banning motorcycles in the Benin metropolis was still in force.

The review came after a joint security meeting with representatives from various state security agencies.

Obaseki said, “The ban on motorbikes in the main town is still in effect. We only allow tricycles in and around semi-urban areas. Motorbikes can still be used in rural areas where the road network is not as good as in the city and that is the situation in the state today.


“Most of the accidents we see do not come from the city. We witness this on federal roads, especially in the Ovia region and around the Agbede and Ewu region. These are the main places where we had accidents because these roads are not quite passable.

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“I am happy to inform you that the security situation in Edo State continues to be stable. This month, we saw a slight increase in the number of reported security incidents, from around 118 in April to around 125 in May.

He continued: “But this increase is not attributable to very serious crimes. We did this analysis for the month of May and found a significant increase in road accidents. These accidents are mainly attributed to poor federal roads, particularly in the Ovia region of the state, and in the Agbede axis where we recorded a number of fatalities.

“We also noticed that there was a slight increase in reported drug cases. Kidnapping cases were stable over the month. We also saw a slight increase in armed robbery, which was not totally unrelated to the political activities of the period.

“The security situation in the state is fair. The level of cooperation between state security agencies continues to be very good and that is why we have been able to control the situation within the state,” he added.

On his part, Edo State Police Commissioner, Mr. Abutu Yaro, said, “Edo is now very, very safe under the supervision of the state governor. It’s ready for business and ready for play, and at all times, the synergy of state security architecture is second to none. You are all reassured that the best is yet to come.


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