Dick Morris to Newsmax: Dems’ ordinance bill ‘allows COVID’


Senate Democrats’ push to pass legislation that will allow Medicare to demand and obtain lower prices for prescription drugs should be called the “COVID Enabling Act,” says author and political strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax Friday.

“They say they’ll negotiate the price of your prescription drugs, but that’s an understatement,” said Morris, the host of “Dick Morris Democracy“said on Newsmax’s”John Bachman Now“What they’re really going to do is dictate the prices the company gets. If they don’t like it, they have to accept it.”

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Morris said he talks about the issue in his book, “The Comeback: Trump’s Great 2024 Comeback” in a chapter.

“What this will do is eliminate a lot of the research money that pharmaceutical companies are using to develop vaccines and cures for the COVID virus which is moving around, constantly mutating into new forms,” a- he declared. “With their profits on drugs like Viagra and statins and stuff like that, they’re doing research that they’re using to develop these wonderful COVID vaccines…the Democrats are getting noticed, [saying they’re] stopping prescription drug prices from rising when in fact what they are doing is allowing COVID to spread. »

Meanwhile, Morris reiterated his views on the 2024 election and said he thinks Democrats will come to President Joe Biden after the “debacle that’s going to happen” with the 2022 midterms and tell him that he can no longer run for the White House.

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“I think [Kamala] Harris will step down too, so I think the guy who’s going to skyrocket for the Democrats is Bernie Sanders,” Morris said, but then the Democrats will do what they did in 2016 and go “hats in hand.” to Hillary Clinton and ask her to “save us from Bernie Sanders.”

“She’ll run. She’ll win the Democratic nomination and she’ll get slaughtered by Trump a second time,” Morris said.


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