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Several scientific studies show that the proportion of men suffering from erectile function disorders is higher among those who have recently contracted COVID-19. According to studies, Covid patients may be at higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction since the virus can affect the cardiovascular system. However, scientists point out that other factors associated with the pandemic, such as stress, could also explain the symptom.

Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy, director of reproductive urology at the University of Miami’s Desai Sethi Institute of Urology, investigated the matter with his colleagues.

They found that the risk of erectile dysfunction is increased by 20% after a patient has contracted Covid.

Dr Ramasamy initially thought that an increase in erectile dysfunction patients coming to see him was due to the stress of the pandemic, but then reconsidered.

He told The New York Times: “We dismissed it, thinking it was all psychological or stress-induced.”

“Six months after the initial infection, the patients had improved overall, but they continued to complain of these problems.”

These issues included both erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

Another expert in endocrinology and medical sexology from Tor Vergata University in Rome suggested a strong link between erectile dysfunction and Covid.

In his study, Dr Emmanuele Jannini, compared men who had been sick with Covid with those who had not, and found that those who had been infected were almost six times more likely to report impotence than those who had avoided the coronavirus.

Dr Jannini said: “Communicating that the disease can affect your sex life is an extremely powerful message.

“The evidence is very strong.”

Apparently, Covid interferes with men’s erections because it affects the cardiovascular system.

Dr. T. Mike Hsieh, director of the University of California San Diego Men’s Health Center, explained, “Our whole vascular system is connected—it’s not an isolated penis problem.

“The penile artery is one-tenth the size of a coronary artery, and when you have a narrower vessel, whether it’s a plumbing problem or a vascular problem, it will show up there in first, before you even see it in a bigger thoroughfare.


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