Cop encountered buying crystal meth at Waterloo Station


A serving Met Police officer is ‘very likely to lose his job’ after he was seen ‘buying crystal meth’ at Waterloo station. PC Neil Giffard, 50, joined the Met in 1999 and spent 15 years with riot police before he was spotted trying to buy the illegal substance.

When fellow officers spotted him buying the drugs at Waterloo station, Giffard initially claimed he had just bought Viagra, but when searched the powder was found in his pockets.

At Croydon Magistrates Court on Tuesday, Giffard admitted possessing 2.9 grams of methamphetamine and was fined £400, The Sun reported.

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A judge pointed to Giffard’s knowledge of who to contact to get the drugs as a “concern”.

They told the officer, “You communicated with whoever gave you the drugs, so I can’t accept that this is a crazy moment. How did you learn who to contact to get these drugs is a concern.

The court heard it was ‘highly likely’ that Giffard, who lives in Southampton, would lose his job because ‘the disciplinary sanction will be far greater than any sentence’.

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