Community projects in abundance for the municipal vote of the people’s budget


NEW community bicycle sheds, a bat and bird nesting box construction project, and a celebration of 10 years of the Welshmill Pump, are some of the community projects that have requested funding from the People’s City Council budget. .

And now the community is invited to give their opinion on the projects that should take the next step.

The City Council said: “In September, Frome City Council invited nominations for the Municipal People’s Budget Vote, which this year focuses on street-level projects across Frome.

“With a budget of £ 10,000, city communities, neighborhoods, schools or businesses could apply for £ 1,000 for their project. Many inspiring location-based applications were received from streets and community groups with a host of exciting project ideas.

“The applications have been varied. They include two community bike sheds, one with a garbage store, a community bench with a notice board, a mural, a bat and bird nesting box construction project, an Easthill display case, community bulb plantations, a den for Critchill, a Keyford neighborhood community project, a celebration of 10 years of the Welshmill Pump and a project honoring a local teacher with a community sculpture.

“For projects to receive funding, they need to have community buy-in, so all of the projects have been listed on the Your Priorities platform, for Frome to see, discuss, comment on and support.

“It’s not about pitting them against each other, but making sure there is enough support for them all to move forward, so please support the projects and show your support – and if you like any projects please let Frome City Council know. “

Cllr Sheila Gore adds: “We are delighted with all the nominations we have received for the popular vote on the municipal budget. It has been great to see how this new phase of PB has been embraced by communities with projects across the country.

“This proves the power of our community, as has been evident over the past two years, and I hope you can all take a look at the details on the Your Priorities platform and offer your support. You never know , can you inspire you to see what you can do in your community? ”

Go to the Your Priorities platform: to express yourself.

The city council continues, “The projects will be listed until December 6, so be sure to show your support. Successful projects, those who have demonstrated sufficient support within their community, will work with the Frome City Council Neighborhood Network Coordinator to support the projects and see them come to life.

If you want to create your own neighborhood network, find out more here:


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