CIB’s “Fanfiction” Is A Love Song For Internet Babies


IPCThe new song from “Fanfiction” highlights his ability to create musical dreamscapes that emphasize a specific feeling. His words go straight to the heart.

“Are the suburbs safe? I’m playing the tape again. Nothing can escape the VCR, it’s been too far away for decades.” she sings to a shimmering acoustic melody. The song was born out of the 2020 lockdown when CIB spent a lot of time in his bedroom. She explains: “Technology is a means for futurism but also a measure of nostalgia. Old phones and cameras carry precious memories pixelated and tormented by the qualities of 2007’s lenses, while new ones contain the excitement and uncertainty of the future.

She digs a little deeper. The lush chorus and her soft vocals on these complex themes about nostalgic technology. This juxtaposition is a hallmark of CIB’s music.

“Don’t call me again. I don’t want to be friends if I’m being honest,” she repeats to underscore this feeling of despair. It’s almost as if she’s pushing away from reality to cling onto the echo chamber of the online world that can be so comforting. Technology is so often seen as the enemy, but it’s become a way to connect with people in such a different way. She says, “The song captures the feeling of falling in love through a screen and how technology has affected love, friendships, growing up and understanding who we are.”

CIB is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, and her previously released tracks “Mott St” and “Viagra” set the tone for her style with the same knack for storytelling and her ability to merge cinematic production with her background. acoustic plane. She created “Fanfiction” with her frequent collaborators, Jackson Shanks and Jake Weinberg.

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