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Calum Von Moger’s life has been chaotic since the beginning of this year. He first attracted attention because of the road rage incident, but the public were left stunned after the Australian star jumped out of a second story window. Therefore, Calum spent eleven days in the hospital and was recently discharged. Yet he almost immediately found himself in court over an incident that took place in January.

On January 31, a policeman arrested Calum Von Moger after discovering that his vehicle was not registered. However, upon seeing Calum, the policeman noticed something was wrong, so he called for reinforcements. They searched Calum’s vehicle and found testosterone, needles, cannabis oil, white crystal powder, prescription drugs and Viagra.

Calum Von Moger originally said this:

“The shoulder bag is not mine. I was driving friends all weekend and they were doing drugs and left him. It’s not mine, but I know I was in his possession.

Calum admitted to using so many steroids that it made him unable to produce natural testosterone. However, according to Daily Mail, Calum pleaded guilty to possession of illegal substances in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Thursday. These include testosterone, cannabis, methamphetamine and ice cream.

Barely arrived in Moscow for the @snproexpo, the weather is nice! ☀️ I will be there from November 9th to 11th. Goodbye

Posted by Calum von Moger on Thursday, November 8, 2018

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The Fall of Calum Von Moger

Calum Von Moger pleaded guilty to the charges, but the court-ordered penalties didn’t go too badly for him. They did not convict him of the charges due to his lack of a prior offense and prior good behavior. They just ordered Calum to donate $500 to a charity chosen by the court.

Von Moger’s lawyer, Bernard Campigli, played a big role in the success of his trial. Campigli explained Calum’s life story to the court, who obviously sympathized with him.

Bernard Campigli explained how Von Moger’s problems started when he arrived in Los Angeles. Apparently, Calum was the victim of a carjacking with firearms. Moreover, he also tore his quad and had to temporarily stop his bodybuilding career. All this had a huge impact on him, so he started to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Calum Von Moger with Arnold Schwarzenegger

After everything seemed to be back in place, Calum found out he had a child and began fighting for his custody. All the stress that came with it, along with an addiction to some illegal substances, got Calum into a lot of trouble, which ultimately culminated in the recent jumping incident.

Calum Von Moger at the gym
Calum Von Moger/Facebook

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Some sources said Calum Von Moger’s jumping incident was actually a suicide attempt. Hopefully his road to recovery continues to go well. It may nevertheless be evidence of people’s confidence in him that the court chose not to punish him severely.

Von Moger’s main goal is to straighten out his life, so he can return to the United States and reconnect with his son and his girlfriend, both of whom have come to Melbourne to support him as he goes through this ordeal.


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