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Calum von Mogera Mr. Universe winner, gives the reason behind a bizarre January road rage attack. Von Moger was seen in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on Monday, where he pleaded guilty to intentionally damaging property, carrying a prohibited weapon and carelessly driving a motor vehicle.

“He was the victim of a number of carjackings which left him scarred and traumatized and sparked a reaction that people here would not have,” said Mr Campigli (Calum von Moger’s lawyer) to the court.

The 32-year-old has made headlines again after he was involved in a bizarre traffic incident with another car on January 26. Following a verbal altercation with the other driver, Calum von Moger entered the passenger side of the victim’s car. Then, finally stabbed the victim’s tire.

When police arrived on the scene, von Moger was subsequently arrested and his car was searched. The contents of his vehicle surprised law enforcement after they found a stash of weapons in his trunk, which included black brass knuckles, a tomahawk and a hunting knife. Additionally, police reported finding a Victorian number plate covered in blood. Following the incident, von Moger was transported to the police station and later released on bail.

Things only got worse for von Moger from there. He reportedly jumped from a two-story window and seriously injured himself in May. It is unclear if he was attempting suicide, although many believe he is currently struggling with mental health issues. As he is determined to get his life back in order, von Moger and his attorney are now answering for his bizarre behavior in January during the road rage incident.

Calum Von Moger’s lawyer says his client’s mental health has ‘declined rapidly’ over the past year

According to Von Moger’s attorney, Bernard Campigli, his client’s dramatic reaction to the road rage situation was partly caused by his negative experiences while living in the United States.

Specifically, Von Moger and his attorney claim he was the victim of a number of carjacking crimes in Los Angeles, California. He added that he overreacted when he stabbed the victim’s tires.

“That triggered a slightly overreaction, your honor.” Von Moger said.

“I accept that Mr Von Moger cannot go around the stab tires, essentially,” Campigli added.

His attorney continued to express that Von Moger feared for his safety during the road rage incident.

“The (victim) rightly came out and confronted Mr von Moger. However, Mr von Moger was very scared at the time,” Campigli said. said. “Mr von Moger was very afraid of what the (victim) might do, so he stabbed the tire and left the scene.”

Von Moger’s mother, Ingrid, was also in court to support her son, while his lawyer continued to express that he was dealing with a litany of issues, including the death of his support dog. His lawyer also asked the courts not to charge Von Moger with assault, which was dropped. The session has been adjourned until next month so that its victims can write impact statements to possibly be heard in court.

This isn’t von Moger’s first run-in with the law. He was arrested by police a few days after the road rage incident. After the police noticed something was wrong, backup was called. They later arrested von Moger at the scene when they found testosterone, needles, cannabis oil, white crystal powder, prescription drugs and Viagra.

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When we last heard from the Aussie native, he was condemning the “fake people” in his life who he says were talking litter behind his back. At the time of this publication, it’s unclear if Von Moger will ever return to bodybuilding contests, but he’s determined to get his life back on track.


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