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Calum von Mogerthree-time Mr. Universe winner, has checked himself into a drug rehabilitation center as part of his latest effort to combat his drug addiction. In a recent video posted to Instagram, von Moger’s team answered some questions about the situation and provided an update on her road to recovery.

This year has been fraught with challenges for von Moger, who made headlines last month for jumping from a two-story window and injuring his spine before being rushed to intensive care. Shortly after the incident, von Moger was at risk of never being able to walk without assistance again. As of this writing, it’s unclear if von Moger was attempting suicide, though many suspect that was the case. Weeks after the frightening ordeal, the 32-year-old was released from hospital with the ability to walk unaided.

On the mend, von Moger was due to appear in court immediately after being arrested by a police officer in January. During the stop, the policeman noticed that more than von Moger’s car was not registered. Police quickly called for backup and found testosterone, needles, cannabis oil, white crystal powder, prescription drugs and Viagra in the vehicle. Ultimately, von Moger pleaded guilty to possession of a number of drugs, including methamphetamine.

This isn’t the first time Calum von Moger has come into conflict with the law. He allegedly chased someone with a machete after an alleged road rage incident. In the wake of the chaos, the Australian native vowed to put his life in order, with the intention of becoming a better person. While von Moger has just started his road to recovery, his team is confident that he will pull through despite the long and arduous road ahead.

Calum von Moger’s team don’t know how long rehab stay will last

In a recent Instagram video, Calum’s manager, “Popeye,” who has worked with him for over a decade, revealed that Calum has been in a rehabilitation program for over a week now.

“Some of you may know me, my name is Popeye. I’ve worked with Calum for almost ten years now. Management, representation, contract work, factual counsel, and we just wanted to give you an update. This is one of the questions we receive daily at the von Moger team.

How is Calum do, is Calum okay? Some good news for you guys. Calum is on the road to recovery. It’s been a week now since he checked into a facility. I’m very excited about this. It will be a long road. It’s a long process. ‘Popeye’ shared.

According to ‘Popeye’, ‘dumb YouTubers or Instagrammers slander von Moger’s name for the clicks.

“We’ll continue to be a positive light and no matter how dark it’s been lately. I’ll tell you, 60% of the stuff that’s out there has no basis. That’s silly. Those idiots of YouTubers or Instagramers or influencers who think they’re trying to make a name for themselves on Cal. explains Popeye. It’s heartbreaking to see people act like that, be like that. Try to get click bait .

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As with any addiction, the battle is a lifelong endeavor. A person’s ability to abstain and recover varies, so “Popeye” doesn’t know how long von Moger will stay in rehab.

“At the moment we don’t know if you will hear from him personally… in eight weeks, 12 weeks, six months, a year… the best thing for him is to recover. Is to go through this process.

Before concluding the statement, “Popeye” thanked the legion of von Moger fans who eagerly await updates from the popular bodybuilder, model and actor.

“I know from the messages we receive every day; it continues to inspire, and it will continue to inspire, no matter what it ends up being. We thank you guys. Again, we’ll have more news for you guys soon. We apologize for taking so long to send you a message. I’m glad we were able to do that now.

Find the full Instagram video embedded below:

Australian retired bodybuilder Lee Priest was the latest to comment on von Moger’s current situation. Priest wishes von Moger “nothing but the best”, suggesting that these types of issues can happen to almost anyone. Additionally, the bodybuilding veteran explained that once addiction takes hold of a person, they become trapped in a “vicious cycle.”

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With a second chance at life, von Moger has a shot at redemption and expressed his gratitude to his fans for sticking by his side. Following an update from his squad, von Moger appears to be on the way to recovery.


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