Better Call Saul season 6 episode 1 review: north or south


NOTE: This summary contains details about what is happening in the Better call Saul season 6 premiere, “Wine and Roses”.

It’s been two years since everyone’s favorite lawyer/con man last appeared on TV screens. But the anticipation and affection for Jimmy McGill, Kim Wexler and the whole gang hasn’t waned. With a show as good as You better call Saul, scenarios and characters remain with you, regardless of the duration of the interruption. Despite a pandemic and a near-fatal heart attack for Bob Odenkirk (thank goodness he’s fine!), more than anything, the sixth and final season premiere reinforces that the team behind the Emmy-nominated series don’t didn’t miss a beat.

The season kicks off with a treasure trove of easter eggs for fans as we move forward, not to good old Cinnabon Gene, but to the direct aftermath of Walter White being exposed as Heisenberg in the final season of breaking Bad. Saul Goodman’s garish house, complete with solid gold toilets, was seized, along with all of his possessions, including boxes of Viagra. It’s the type of streak this series and its predecessor were absolutely known for, funny, shocking and tragic in saying so much with so little.

Granted, it’s a shame there hasn’t been a lot of Gene footage since the Season 5 premiere. That said, given that this is the final season, the hope is that there will no doubt be many more to come towards the end.

The action then resumes in Mexico, where Nacho (Michael Mando), who has just betrayed Lalo (Tony Dalton), is on the run. Although he assumes Lalo is dead (or so he’s been told), he’s still carefully watching his back as he heads to a hotel that Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) has set up. for him. Rightly so considering Salamanca’s cousins ​​are also stalking him.

Unfortunately for Nacho (and Gus), Lalo is not an easy target to eliminate. Although injured, he is already on the hunt and has his theories about who is behind the attack. Tony Dalton has consistently put on terrific performances in every episode he’s been in, activating charm and menace in the blink of an eye. That said, this season will be Mando’s time to shine.

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The narrative then shifts to Jimmy and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) trying to maintain the status quo after their terrifying encounter with Lalo last season. Obviously, Jimmy is still traumatized by his desert adventure with Mike and Lalo’s subsequent visit. He is even out of court in court, wrongly referring to Lalo, and not by the pseudonym under which he defended him last season, to the prosecutor. But more than that, he seems shaken by what it does to Kim.

When we last saw Kim, she was full of fingers forcing her way into plans to destroy Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). Jimmy is hesitant to go through with the potential plan for Howard, while Kim is eager to move forward. She even encourages him to lean more into the character of Saul.

It’s interesting to see this side of Jimmy after five seasons of double downing on Saul’s character. His slight pushback means a lot, starting with how much he cares for Kim and how much he doesn’t want to drag her down with him. Second, it emphasizes something we’ve known about him all along, and the most significant difference between this show and breaking Bad. Jimmy is actually a good person at heart.

Jimmy is a character who never tried to beat himself up, but who had no alternative in the matter. He does everything he can to survive. It also emphasizes something we also know about Kim; she is stronger and smarter than him. Kim Wexler is a badass and Jimmy’s brighter partner in life and in crime. Kim can roll with the punches no matter how hard they hit, and rather than him dragging her down, she’s the one keeping them 10 steps ahead.

Rhea Seehorn sits in a car in Better Call Saul

Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saul (Image credit: AMC)

The episode’s climax (at least on the Kim/Jimmy side) results in a hilarious sequence with Howard at a country club. Odenkirk is in full force during this streak; energetic, funny, muscular as a fox. But since this is only the first phase of their plan, it will be very interesting to see where things go from here.

Back in Mexico, Nacho arrives at the hotel and receives instructions to wait there for someone to pick him up and get him out of his predicament. However, once Gus and Mike (Jonathan Banks) re-enter the picture, we know Gustavo has no real good intentions for Nacho. Gus is as cunning as ever, making Nacho a sacrificial lamb to keep the peace between him and the Salamancas. Mike is not cool with this. However, knowing when he was beaten, Mike does not take Nacho’s calls.

Between Jesse and Nacho, it’s incredibly interesting how Mike has a thing for surrogate sons. We know how the loss of his own son, Matt, informs him. It is heartbreaking to see that he is unable to help them, no matter what the situation.

The episode ends with Lalo talking to Hector (Mark Margolis) about his suspicions about the hit on his life. Just as he is about to head north to attack Gus, he realizes there may be evidence supporting his claims elsewhere. Where Lalo goes from here is a mystery. But whether it’s Mike, Kim, or Jimmy, the choice to go north or south (metaphorically speaking) still lingers for each of them. Where they go from here as the final season unfolds couldn’t be more exciting.


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