Aussie actor explains ‘methamphetamine’ in his home after second floor plunge


Australian actor and former Mr Universe Calum Von Moger suffered serious injuries after diving from a second story window earlier this month.

Von Moger was immediately taken to hospital and placed in an induced coma to help him survive. Fortunately, the actor is conscious again able to communicate. However, photos from the scene of the incident have been leaked showing that his house was ransacked just before his injuries occurred.

During the search, officers also found a shoulder bag containing a small bag of methamphetamine as well as a stash of illegal testosterone, needles, three containers of cannabis oil, a bag of white crystal powder and miscellaneous prescription medications, including Viagra.

Another search revealed his illicit stash of testosterone, needles, three containers of cannabis oil, another bag of white crystal powder and an assortment of prescription drugs, including Viagra.

Von Moger appeared in court today via video link and pleaded guilty to possession of a number of drugs including testosterone, cannabis and methamphetamine.

Audio from the case shows von Moger denying that the Meth belonged to him.

“I found this bag on my back and freaked out because I don’t use it. I knew it belonged to someone so I put it in my wallet to return or throw away “, he told the court, according to The daily mail.

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‘The shoulder bag is not mine. I was driving friends all weekend, and they were doing drugs and left him. It’s not mine but I know I had it.

However, von Moger admitted that testosterone was his and explained that after heavy use he needed it to function properly.

“I don’t produce it naturally anymore and I need it to be normal,” von Moger told police.

“I use testosterone weekly to keep my levels stable. I use cannabis oil to help me settle down and sleep.

Von Moger played a younger version of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2018 film Bigger and has a Netflix documentary called Calum von Moger: Unbroken on Netflix which premiered in 2019.

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