Are erectile dysfunction and hair loss embarrassing? Rocky doesn’t think so.


Thiss 2022 and the landscape of how we do things has changed dramatically. Trips to doctorsoffices, pharmacies and even grocery stores have become less frequent, almost useless. We can thank consumer adoption of technology and the pandemic for that.

Imagine a trip to the mailbox that can dramatically help you become better. Now stop imagining. Enter Rocky. A brand suitable for men, with the main objective of normalizing menits health and the stigma that surrounds it. Rocky offers solutions to embarrassing but common problems that men have always kept to themselves – erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

Some hard facts for you: 1 in 3 men suffer from erectile dysfunction and 2 in 3 men experience hair loss in their lifetime. Yes, you read that right ! These stats are staggering considering these are your best years.

ED can take different forms, ranging from performance anxiety and nervousness to substance use; and yes, that includes cannabis and alcohol. Hair loss can also result from several different reasons – age, genetics, immune system or hormonal imbalance, to name a few. Most men believe these factors are out of their hands. Rocky is here to change that.

Rocky offers a range of products for both vertical markets, including prescription, over-the-counter and organic solutions. So whether you need Viagra and an anestheticm to help you last longer, or Rogaine with an organic shampoo to regrow your hair, Rocky has it all. They offer the flexibility of a one-time purchase or a recurring subscription, both personalized and discreetly mailed. The bestit’s part? Their platform is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The online men’s subscription service is a growing industry thanks to the good guys at Dollar Shave Club and Lumin. People don’tI don’t realize that prescription drugs are already a subscription service, its just called something else in the pharmacy,says co-founder Mina Rizk. Having the luxury of not leaving home to see a doctor and go to a pharmacy is a game-changer.

Rocky’s co-founders are young medical professionalss who understand the difficulties men face first-hand from actual practice in their respective clinics and pharmacies. They noticed that the combination of discomfort, awkwardness and strong stigma of these conditions resulted in a lack of medical care. Living in denial is unhealthy,said Rizk. We just want men to know that theyyou are not alone.

The Rocky team dove deep into the telehealth space and found that every company was missing a thing or two. That they charged a heavy consultation charges, forced you to take a clunky video call, or had a large minimum order, options were just unworkable. The problem has never been really resolved. That’s why Rocky set out to be the most affordable and smoothest platform available.

believe it or notot, everything about a visit to the doctor, a visit to the pharmacy and even the packaging of medicines added to the stigma,says co-founder Aba Anton. This is where Rocky literally rewrites the script.

The process is simple: Go to, create an account, choose the product(s) you need and they will be shipped right to your door. The drug is prescribed by an internal doctor and supplied by its own pharmacy.

The brand is sophisticated and elegant; something you would not want to hide in your medicine cabinet, in fact youd probably show it off on your vanity. Even browsing through their website, you can see the strength and confidence in the brand conveyed throughout. The copy on their platform and social media is fun and witty, far from serious.sity of subjects and resonate well with their target demographic.

We wanted the end result to be a product thatlooks or sounds like nothing youto obtain in a pharmacy or a clinic,said Anthony. Everything from the name to the packaging helps achievesee that. We want men to be proud to wear Rocky.

Rocky is quickly gaining momentum and building a community that positively impacts menhis health. The backbone of this community understands and shares the narrative: erectile dysfunction and hair loss are not a big deal.em– they are just coming.

Posted on February 22, 2022


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