AARP and OATS help you stay tech-savvy


The pandemic has also increased interest in and reliance on smart home technology. Almost a quarter now have it, compared to 10% in 2019, and 28% use their smartphone to manage this technology. Additionally, learning how to use and manage smart home technology is a major interest for people aged 50 and over.​

While almost two-thirds of adults aged 50 and over express an interest in new technologies, 2 in 5 do not believe that technology is designed for all ages, citing its complexity, poor user experiences and lack of training material. Many continue to be concerned about trust and privacy, and more than half see the cost of high-speed internet as an issue.

A significant number of older Americans say they would use technology more often if they knew how. We can help. AARP offers a variety of resources to help people over 50 stay current with technology and organize their digital lives. Many of these resources are available at AARP’s Personal Technology Resource Center. AARP has also partnered with OATS (Technological Services for the Elderly)a non-profit organization dedicated to harnessing the power of technology to help seniors improve their lives.​

Through its flagship program, Senior PlanetAARP’s OATS offers free remote and in-person training so seniors can gain the skills and confidence they need to use technology and stay connected.​

It is becoming increasingly clear that people 50 and older have embraced technology like never before during the pandemic and will continue to do so when we are past COVID.

AARP can help you thrive in this brave new digital world.


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