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Fun fact: Back then, Gigwise had a lot of tabloid energy. By pumping pure pop culture trash, we’ve since evolved in terms of ethics, but not enough to totally resist good old vulgar trash.

Making our return to “ethical tabloidism” (and, honestly, influenced by the current heatwave frenzy), we’ve given this one a lot of thought. After much discussion, research and consideration, may we present the Gigwise Singles List for Summer 2022.

Sam Fender

Photo: Bethan McConnell

Sam Fender isn’t just the most eligible bachelor in music, he’s probably one of the most eligible bachelors in the country (read: the whole world). Infinitely charming, socially-connected and obviously incredibly talented, he also happens to be very fit. It’s a combo that should be too much, getting into selfish territory, but bolstered by his Geordie accent and his forever home in the Northeast, he’s actually an incredibly humble king. Boyfriend material.

Matty Healy, The 1975

Although he’s not really a boyfriend, no one can deny that Matty Healy is a top independent heartthrob. Having recently split from FKA Twigs, the musician is back on the market and we’re pretty deluded to think this gives us a chance. If you like edgy boys constantly moving to new times and living in houses made of 90% concrete, Matty is for you.


Photo: Erika Kamano

Another recent single, Bea est rêveuse. Angelic in every way, from her voice to her lyrics to her little TikTok sounds, we’d treat her right. Pretending she’s in her bachelor days and having fun, it’s time to get your shot.

Baby Queen

Photo: Press

What Baby Queen thinks of Jodie Comer; that’s what we think of Baby Queen. Smart and silly, literary and a little reckless, it’s a killer combo for a crush. Unleashing banger after banger exploring all the messy feelings around wanting someone, we stood outside her house with a boombox blasting “Want Me” until she accepted our request for a date. Bella, if you see this, call us.

Vic De Angelis (and the rest of Måneskin tbh)

Photo: Press

From the second they set foot on the Eurovision stage, Måneskin had the world in the palm of their hand. Similar to when Elvis first rocked his pelvis, putting that level of sex appeal on the usually pretty boxy Eurovision stage was a cultural moment, a scandal if you will. Now, in their lace shirts, leather, and nipple covers, they only made our heartbeats go up and up. With Damiano as a couple, we direct all of our obsession towards Vic with her flawless hair and effortless European sexiness.

Christine and the Queens

Photo: Press

Always the sex symbol of Christine and the Queens shows (and, really, any environment), Chris’ rebranding to “Redcar” for the upcoming new album Redcar the Lovable Stars has only to cram the mystery into sex appeal in ways that feed our monstrous crush to bloat to an unhealthy size. We have to stay focused.

Sebastian Murphy, Viagra Boys

Photo: Katie McLellan Salisbury

One of rock’s most trusted stage presences, Viagra Boys’ Seb lives in Stockholm when not touring and is a tattoo artist as well as bandleader. His tattoos are a huge part of his appeal, but by no means define him: Seb seduces with his detached and dry humor, his supernatural composure and his gritty baritone too. He’s hot, he’s confident, and he’s in a band: the deadly trio.

Rina Sawayama

Photo: Zac Mahrouche

In her campaign for the upcoming new album Hold The Girl, Rina Sawayama released “Catch Me In The Air” – a pop song about her single mother. With that, she added another reason why she’s just the kind of person you’d fall in love with if you were to meet her irl. Rina is in every way an exciting and lovely person and a stunner in the true definition of the word.

Matt Maltese

Photo: remember you were made to be used

Sweet, sensitive, and capable of writing you a killer silly ballad, Matt Maltese is probably bombarded by people sneaking into his DMs on a daily basis. Ticking all the boxes for people who love this kind of sweet, sad boy, like Timothée Chalamet and his army of dreamy yet Victorian boys, Matt represents musicians in this kind of hotness. He was writing a song about you, and even though it was a really bad song, you were saying thank you.

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