10 WCW Wrestlers Who Never Had An Iconic Moment


WCW had an iconic roster full of hit names at every playthrough of the map. Leading actors like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Sting continued to add iconic moments to their careers with big wins or standout segments. Young midcard talents like Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio and Dean Malenko had standout moments.

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Even the tag division with the Steiner Brothers and Harlem Heat did enough to get people talking. Unfortunately, not everyone who spent time in the business had the same level of enduring capability in the business. An iconic moment vindicates something that felt important in the moment and remains relevant decades later. The following WCW wrestlers couldn’t have that kind of moment overall.


10/10 Raven

Raven’s signing to WCW seemed like a big deal at the time since he was ECW’s first performer. Raven even had a great showing in WCW using her established persona to sit in the crowd. and have your own faction of the Flock do their bidding.

Unfortunately, Raven never had the push to have a moment that stood out as iconic. WCW’s tenure featured some solid feuds and some great matches, but the career defining moment never came. Raven filed for release in 1999 and became a rare WCW standout. wanting out rather than waiting for his contract to expire.

9/10 Juventud Guerrera

The heavyweights rarely got the chance to have a blast, but Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero had some classic moments to make that all the more important. Juventud Guerrera was among the most talented cruiserweights never to be spotlighted in the same way.

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The biggest moment of Guerrera’s tenure in WCW was unmasking after losing a match to Chris Jericho with this as part of the stipulation. However, it was in Jericho that this moment stands out more in his career for removing someone’s mask at the height of his heel race.

8/10 Chris Kanon

WCW has placed Chris Kanyon in many notable roles, usually in the mid-card or tag team division. This never led to an iconic moment to come as Kanyon’s role often focused on helping out other talent.

Some of Kanyon’s most significant moments included a tag title win, a heel turn over Diamond Dallas Page, and a feud with Judy Bagwell. None of these moments helped Kanyon escape since he is often considered an underrated WCW hero.

7/10 Perry Saturn

The Radicalz joining WWE saw Perry Saturn feeling a little out of place compared to the rest. Eddie Guerrero’s classic match against Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit’s best-of-seven series with Booker T, and Dean Malenko getting revenge on Chris Jericho each gave them iconic WCW memories.

Saturn has never seen this kind of scenario play out in WCW and has fallen into a secondary position behind names like Raven or Jericho. WCW has actually used Saturn as a better mid-carder than WWE, but Saturn still hasn’t had that special moment that one instantly associates with his career.

6/10 Meng

WCW fans loved the intensity and the tenacity Meng brought to the ring every time. Most of Meng’s time in WCW, he teamed with The Barbarian as Faces of Fear with Jimmy Hart as manager.

Meng had solid programs with Sting and Lex Luger, but he never had an iconic moment in the promotion. WCW eventually placed Meng in the hardcore division for the remainder of his tenure before joining WWE as Haku.

5/10 Dustin Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes having a prominent position behind the scenes led to his son Dustin Rhodes joining the company with little experience. Dustin had some great performances in the ring showing the work-rate side, while trying to find the character side.

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Fans remember Dustin more for his portrayal of Goldust than anything he did in WCW. Several stints in WCW have seen Dustin step out of the credits, including his final run back in the Vince Russo era. WCW teaming up Dustin and Dusty to feud with Ric Flair was fun, but it didn’t do much for Dustin’s career.

4/10 Billy Kidman

WCW received many excellent in-ring performances from Billy Kidman throughout his time in the company. The evolution from a secondary member of Raven’s Flock to a heavyweight star has seen fans rally behind Kidman.

Unfortunately, WCW never booked it to have that iconic moment that stands the test of time. Kidman’s biggest feud came against Hulk Hogan as part of the New Blood faction, but he was made to look like a joke the entire time.

3/10 Konnan

Most fans would be shocked to learn that Konnan was once one of WCW’s most live-action cast members, as he never felt like a big player in the pecking order. Konnan joining the New World Order helped his position, but it was the pivot to the Wolfpac that convinced him.

Fans loved singing along to Konnan’s promo during the Wolfpac segments together. The end of the group saw Konnan in various teams or tag groups trying to continue advancing on the map. This never happened as Konnan was gifted with a few moments leaving a deeper impact on viewers.

2/10 Steve Austin

WCW fans saw Steve Austin before he became a mega-star like in the days of WWE. Even though Austin never had a fair chance to move up the card, he often had great games. WCW viewed Austin as an excellent worker who added depth at the upper middle stage.

A tag team led with Brian Pillman and a memorable feud with Ricky Steamboat each showed Austin’s potential. WCW has sadly never done more than that with no iconic moments to come. Austin’s spike featured some good games and strong promotions that weren’t talked about beyond those nights it took place.

1/10 Guillaume Regal

The respect for William Regal is unmatched in the wrestling world today for all of his contributions. Regal became a mentor to many wrestlers after his position in WWE helping to hire new talent, but it all started with his in-ring career.

Regal’s hiring by WCW allowed him to move to the United States and begin to make a name for himself in front of a wider audience. Regal has always had great matches and a unique style, but they never had a standout moment that will be fondly remembered today, unless you count it. shoot Goldberg in the ring like a.


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